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Lingaraju grew old and decrepit.- His five sons wanted to
livide their patrimony. When it was suggested that it should
}e divided into five equal shares, Basuvayya claimed half of it
in virtue of his having been adopted by Mallamraju. His
brothers declined to admit his claim. They declared that
there was no adoption at all; and what their father said about
adoption was intended only to deceive Cinna Tiininaraju.
Thereupon Basuvaraju, who believed or pretended to believe
that he was really adopted by his uncle, resolved to place the
matter before a dharmasana and repaired with this object to
Kaverisamudram accompanied by his brothers. The dispute
that arose among the sons of Lingaraju, revised the hopes of
their cousins, the sons of Cinna Timmaraju, to get their due
share in the family property. One of them called Mallamraju
followed his cousins to Kaverisamudram to find out how the
judges would decide this dispute. Basuvaraju and his brothers
assembled the Mahajanas of the agrahara and placed before
them the facts concerning their case. Thereupon, the
Mahajanas consulted VynUneSvarlyam and having obtained from
the parties the necessary documents decided the case as
follows: Basuvayya was not given in adoption, because the
consent of Cinna Timmaraju and others was not obtained.
Moreover, the homa, which is necessary in all cases of adoption,
was not at all performed. Therefore, the property must be
equally divided among the five brothers.
Then the five brothers returned to their native village;
but Cinna Timinayya's son, Mallamraju, who remained behind
lodged a formal protest with the Mahajanas, He said : " They
overreached us by having recourse to this fraud. They now
declare that there was no adoption: The judges of this
dharmasana should bear testimony to this fact." Then he cut
a groove on the stone and declared : * There was no adoption/
He returned to Hanumanigundam.
Basuvayya and his brothers, having reconsidered  their
position, in view of Mallamraju's action at Kaverisanmdraifc,
to an agreement, according to which Basuvayya obtained